About Us

Lazy Lizard

Sometimes it pays to be lazy…..

Lazy Lizard was founded on a set of principles that are not actually lazy at all, we just thought Lazy Lizard sounded cooler than “More Productive Lizard” or “Less Work Lizard”. So where did the name Lizard come from you ask? Lizard is a childhood nickname and who don’t think lizards are cool right, so Lazy Lizard it is.

So now begs the question, why does it “sometimes pay to be lazy….”? Simply put, Lazy Lizard has developed a line of chemicals that will save you time and money. We are committed to only putting products on the market that have been tested and proven to be of the highest quality.

Our goal at Lazy Lizard is to make your life easier. Less time working means more time enjoying family, friends and let’s not forget your hobbies. So please give our products a try you will be glad you did!

To God Be The Glory and Our Customers Our Prayers!

God Bless