Tips and Tricks

Body Armor Tips and Time Savers


  • Start with a clean-“ish” Bike (remove any caked on mud ECT.) Body Armor is a cleaner as well as protectant not a degreaser.
  • Do not spray on your seats, steering wheel or any surface you do not want slippery (USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT) remember if mud has a tough time holding on you will to!
  • When you first get your bottle adjust the sprayer to a fine mist, a little goes along ways start slow and get use to your sprayer!
  • I start by spraying a light coat of Body Armor on all the plastic’s being careful not to spray air filters or intakes then I move to the rim’s, tires and inside fender wells NOT forgetting the shocks and the undercarriage. Depending on your preference (some wipe down some don’t) if I know I’m about to get sloppy on a ride I spray and walk away.
  • If I still want great protection but want that showroom look with a non-greasy finish I wipe down with a microfiber towel you make the call.
  • After you wipe down take the same microfiber towel and wipe down the roll bars or any area you may have missed.
  • As far as the interior I take the same microfiber towel I have been using and I wipe down my dash (AVOID SPRAYING ON WINDSHIELDS). I may even spray a little on the towel or I also found the little foam paint brushes do a great job getting into the cracks.
  • After the ride repeat the Same process!

It’s Just That Easy!